Author: Marie Spencer

Key Success Factors Of B2B Email Marketing

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Mailings and newsletters are a marketing tool that is often underestimated, but wrongly. This traditional communication channel not only serves end-users, but also creates a dialogue with B2B customers . Whether it is a measure to support sales or to win new customers, B2B newsletters are a very effective means of communication in the professional […]

Email marketing: 8 after-sales e-mails to convert new customers into loyal fans

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Of all marketing channels, e-mail is the channel with the highest return on investment. Email marketing is very effective in maximizing sales and conversions. But e-mail is not just about selling. It is also a valuable tool for building relationships with new customers. These can be converted to passionate fans more quickly through the email. […]

God of war

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5 years after the last episode, Kratos is back in an epic adventure that gives a new breath to Beat Em all ! If you already know this overpowering warrior God, you’ll be delighted to find him in an adventure, which is, let’s say it right away, a little wonder. But this time, he is […]

Gran Turismo Sport – Best Automotive Simulation Game PS4

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Any racing fan or Playstation fan knows the Gran Turismo saga. Entered with a crash in 1997 on PS1, revolutionizing the passage of automotive simulation on home console thanks to a realism never before achieved , the exclusive franchise of Sony has evolved with its time. Thanks to the power of the new generation consoles, […]

Two Main PS4 Games

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GTA V – Best ps4 game all categories With a budget exceeding $ 200 million and five years of development for its realization, this fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto saga was expected by fans around the world. Undoubtedly first in the ranking of the best games ps4 all categories , the bet is […]