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Usability and Acceptability of the Technology

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Data on the acceptability and usability of the technology are collected periodically during the experiment. From there, we have been able to support that a support system based on simple multimodal (ie visual and auditory) interactions, making learning easier for the elderly, was well understood and quickly learned. We built a support notification system provided […]

Experimental evaluation of DomAssist

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To measure the added value of DomAssist technology, an evaluation methodology was set up for forty-eight participants over eighty years old and globally cognitively preserved, that is, with a score of the MMSE rating greater than 24.In order to obtain results that can be generalized to as many people as possible and to make the […]

DomAssist technology

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The DomAssist platform provides software orchestration of communicating objects placed in the person’s home. These hardware and software objects include: wireless sensor-actuators available in large areas at low cost (motion detector, contact detector, electrical outlet controller, etc.); software services (shared agenda, internet resources); two digital touch tablets. The first tablet, stationary, is placed at a […]