Experimental evaluation of DomAssist

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To measure the added value of DomAssist technology, an evaluation methodology was set up for forty-eight participants over eighty years old and globally cognitively preserved, that is, with a score of the MMSE rating greater than 24.In order to obtain results that can be generalized to as many people as possible and to make the DomAssist system more accessible, the forty-eight people were selected according to the following criteria: place of residence in three Gironde sectors (urban, semi-urban and rural) ) and a mild to moderate level of loss of autonomy ( GIR score between 6 and 4). Essentially, the methodology adopted compares over a period of nine months twenty-four people using technology to twenty-four others in “current situation” (who do not use DomAssist). Rules of ethics have been defined, in particular concerning personal data.

Rules of ethics and respect for personal data

The criteria for success of the project are the gains made by DomAssist at six and nine months of use, in terms of well-being and health (psychological, nutritional, sleep hygiene, etc.), as well as daily functioning (autonomy housing, social activities, sense of security). In addition, measurements assessing the acceptability and usability of the technology are also collected during the study. The data collected come from subjective measurements, which quantify people’s feelings about technology through interviews and questionnaires, as well as objective measurements of actual uses and interactions with technology.

This study was completed in December 2015. It has already produced results demonstrating the usefulness, usability and acceptability of DomAssist as well as the benefits in terms of home autonomy and health. The data of fifteen participants who have been equipped for more than six months have already been the subject of a complete analysis. These participants, twelve women and three men, widowed in majority, are on average eighty-one years old, a score of 28 at the MMSE and a GIR score ranging from 6 to 4.