God of war

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5 years after the last episode, Kratos is back in an epic adventure that gives a new breath to Beat Em all ! If you already know this overpowering warrior God, you’ll be delighted to find him in an adventure, which is, let’s say it right away, a little wonder. But this time, he is not alone … It is accompanied by his son that Kratos will travel a world where the creatures of Norse mythology and dark creatures meet, and will have to face each other.

Let’s start with what strikes from the first seconds of play: the breathtaking graphic achievement . Whether on normal PS4 or PS4 Pro, the images are sublime, and we take a pleasure to explore the scenery offered to us: snowy mountains, green plains, darker caves … Every step on these lands is a little visual slap! The developers of Santa Monica studio have exploited the capabilities of the console as nobody and we are left with the most beautiful scenery we have seen this year.

The animation of the characters is not left out, with ultra detailed movements . Just watch a fight to realize the care given to each gesture. Kratos sends out powerful blows of axes that shatter the monsters that stand in his path, Atreus (his son), uses his bow with skill and we saw each clash as if we were there.

Since mention is made of Atreus, it is time to talk about another element of this God of War  : the scenario. This time, the main story follows the fate of Kratos and his son. A relationship developed throughout the adventure, with dialogues that punctuate each phase of adventure and cinematics to the staged millimeter. We take part in the history with pleasure, and the side quests reinforce a pleasant feeling of freedom. The gods are less present in this opus, which privileges the relationship between a father and his son, and therefore a more intimate story . It is a kind of initiatory journey that the creators of the game propose to us and we are very easily caught up in this colossal world.

The gameplay of God of War has always been very accurate and this title is no exception to the rule. The handling of our hero is learned quickly and the possibilities of action are many, during the fighting or during quieter phases; we discover new abilities throughout the adventure and there is not a second or we are bored. On foot, by boat, alone or with two, there are always a few things to surprise us, divert us … The fans of the series will also have to make a closer camera, which abandons the wide shots to which we used the God of War series. But in a few minutes, we get used to it and the fighting becomes more brutal ! You are going to have a lot to do to overcome the adventure, but fortunately, your son helps you in some passages!

Let’s end with the soundtrack that adapts perfectly to the games and your quests, and allows a total immersion in this fantastic world.

All in all, this is the best PS4 adventure game of the moment , and certainly one of the best PS4 games. An adventure that does not refuse and that will mark you forever!