Gran Turismo Sport – Best Automotive Simulation Game PS4

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Any racing fan or Playstation fan knows the Gran Turismo saga. Entered with a crash in 1997 on PS1, revolutionizing the passage of automotive simulation on home console thanks to a realism never before achieved , the exclusive franchise of Sony has evolved with its time.

Thanks to the power of the new generation consoles, the Gran Turismo adventure is a reference in terms of virtual driving in single-player mode.

New this year: Gran Turismo Sport is playing on the network game to reach a wider audience than the fans of the first hour. Exit the career mode. Here, we put on the multi-player online at the expense of a championship played alone.

As usual, this simulation is perfect to feel the real feelings of a real pilot . With their driving aids activated and deactivated at will, you will progress at your own pace on nearly 170 vehicles available to you. Standard cars, sports, GT … Select your vehicle according to your type of driving and browse the bitumen 17 circuits available to explode the clock and challenge the international drivers for hours of championship online .

Level graphics, nothing has fundamentally changed compared to previous opus. The sensation of speed is preserved, and the pleasure of driving is always exhilarating.

Only small shadow on the board: the existence of a solo mode well and truly present but whose Artificial Intelligence is not at the level of previous opus.

The reason: focus on the online mode. Despite this small hitch, Gran Turismo Sport prefigure at the top of the ranking of the best ps4 games in terms of driving.