Two Main PS4 Games

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GTA V – Best ps4 game all categories

With a budget exceeding $ 200 million and five years of development for its realization, this fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto saga was expected by fans around the world. Undoubtedly first in the ranking of the best games ps4 all categories , the bet is blithely successful for Rockstar studios. You will make evolve three thugs in a Los Angeles gangrenĂ© by all the vices. Through countless and varied missions , you will try to grow your gang and gain popularity and respect. Bank robberies, free fall, scuba diving, rival executions All the ingredients are there for hours of thrilling gameplay. Also, you will enjoy a feeling of almost unlimited freedom thanks to a gigantic map and unlimited freedom of movement . Like previous episodes, any vehicle can be “borrowed” on public roads, and interactions with your environment are endless. On the story side, we are still dealing with real Hollywood scenarios , juggling sumptuous cinematics, ultra-realistic shootings and crazy driving in the streets of the city. And if we had to find a flat in this copy made almost perfect, loading times between scenes sometimes prove a little long. Understandable and quickly forgotten when we see the quality of the final rendering. The icing on the cake: like its big brother GTA IV, GTA V offers an ultra-fun online multiplayer mode with the ability to play with 30 players from around the world simultaneously. What to spend sacred sleepless nights.

UFC 3 – Best Ps4 Combat Sport Simulation Game on ps4

As aficionados of testosterone rejoice, Electronic Arts studios are back in force in 2018 to your delight with its third version of Ultimate Fighting Championship. In its first two opuses, this simulation of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has established itself as the best free-fight game on ps4 . In other words, free combat combining the techniques of all possible and imaginable combat sports. No wonder when EA is known to care for sports games like no other developer in decades. Thus, UFC 3 is no exception to the rule with some peculiarities of fighting hexagonal rings.

To do this, and unlike the majority of traditional fighting games, no life bar is visible. Right here,everything is in the strategy developed by the athlete . As an example, focusing on the opponent’s leg can force him to stop standing. No need to go headlong to the assault of his opponent on pain of insured KO. Also, the ground phases are just as important, like the free fight. The realism is pushed to its climax even to lose speed during the gameplay.

With 234 ultra-realistic fighters available and customizable, the show is guaranteed. Drops of sweat, blood on the floor, scars and other bruises … All the ingredients are cleverly present for a realism previously unmatched in a fighting game .